Who run the world? Girls!

Rare Birds + CAMP partner to destroy gender bias towards female entrepreneurs

Children are our most precious resource—they are the future of our society.  Today is the International Day of the Girl, and we are celebrating the power of girls worldwide.


We firmly believe you can’t be what you can’t see, and therefore our children must see more, so they can do more and become who they wish to be.  If we want to be serious about enabling girls to do anything, we must hold up examples of women entrepreneurs in every field, from every walk of life so that entrepreneurs like Madam C.J. Walker and Anita Roddick are household names.


Girls don’t need to wait to become women in order to impact the world, they can start at any age.  There are plenty of girls out there choosing to become entrepreneurs at an early age and starting businesses just like Emily Ball.  At just six years old, Emily operates her own agribusiness. She started with single calf which she sold to buy 10 ewes which has quickly multiplied with the addition of 15 lambs.


Also, Juliette Jones, the founder of CSJ LeMoNaiD, and a member of the Rare Birds community. Juliette is 13 years old and was inspired to start CSJ LeMoNaiD after watching her grandfather pass away from Motor Neurone Disease.  100% of profits from the company go to fund Motor Neurone Disease research.  To date, she has raised over $30,000! Juliette is walking the talk and showing everyone age and gender are no boundaries to making a difference in the world.

Today, girls like Emily and Juliette are at the forefront of our evolving society.  We have taught them to believe they can be anything, and for perhaps the first time in history, they can.


You can read more about Juliette’s story in our Brilliant Business Kids book, available at our store.


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Rare Birds + CAMP partner to destroy gender bias towards female entrepreneurs

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