What Is The Rare Birds Grant Program?

Growing your business can happen in many ways, one is access to grants.

The Rare Birds Grants Program is designed for entrepreneurs seeking growth for their businesses through grant funding. Our grant specialist will work directly with you to create a map of opportunities tailored to the specific funding needs of your business and the assist you in completing initial grant applications.

Why Use Rare Birds?

The Rare Birds Grant Program is a unique service which will provide you with:

>> Opportunities to collaborate with like-minded partners;
>> Opportunities that leverage your unique skills with their captive audience; and
>> Opportunities that introduce a steady stream of supplementary income into your business to grow your reach and impact.

Working with our grant expert will also allow you to benefit from the knowledge of a specialist who has:

>> First-hand experience working with funding administrators;
>> Secured large sums of funding; and
>> Designed funded programs and successfully delivered them.

Now is an excellent time to make contact with the Inspiring Rare Birds funding team and explore funding your business growth.

Once off cost of $600 for up to 3 grant applications, plus 10% success fee for continuous grant search and support.

“Before working with Inspiring Rare Birds I was unsuccessful in applying for grant funding and was pretty clueless as to which grants I would be eligible for.

Whilst working with Lisa I have been very impressed by how much time and effort she applies to customer service. As a result of our time together I have been able to apply for appropriate grants with confidence and can really see my projects take shape.

Working with Inspiring Rare Birds and the Funding Business Growth program is for anyone who wants to take a strong shot at appropriate funding without wasting their time.” – Vanessa Cullen, founder of More Than PKD

For more details about the Rare Birds Grants Program, please inquire below:

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