Mentorship: “I need to be constantly challenged and learning new things”


Rare Birds chat with Sarah-Riegelhuth.


How do you constantly learn and upskill?

I need to be constantly challenged and learning new things. This can be through both formal education, but also through new experiences and pushing boundaries with my companies. This is a really important part of how I operate within my businesses too, we have regular training, mentoring and coaching sessions in different formats in order to continue development from different angles. Personally, I’ve always had mentors and coaches, and have been enrolled in some form of study most years since I finished high school. I’m loving high-intensity, specialised short courses at the moment as it fits in better with my busy lifestyle.

Why is having a mentor important to you?

Over the years I have had a couple of other mentors, however I only ever enter into a mentoring relationship if I find someone who really has the skills I am after to develop within myself, and if we have a good personal connection (that goes for me mentoring someone else too). My mentor is experienced in running multiple businesses at once, is very strong in the operational side and has taken companies global. He is where I would like to be at his age, and we get along very well after meeting in Silicon Valley in early 2014.

Having a mentor is great because you have someone to bounce ideas off, who help you flesh out your thinking further and give you advice that you respect and want to take on. 

Do you mentor yourself?

Yes, I do from time to time when I am really connected with someone, have skills I think they can learn from and have a genuine desire to want to see them succeed. I have learnt a lot through mentoring others in terms of leadership and personal development.

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