Rare Birds Mentoring is a cornerstone of the Rare Birds initiative in supporting individuals and entrepreneurs on their journeys. Mentorship is a proven form of real time learning through the transfer of knowledge and experience. The Rare Birds Mentoring platform exists to connect entrepreneurs with a mentor that will guide them, enable them to better achieve their goals and realise their potential. There are two ways to get involved – either as a mentee or a mentor.

Become a Mentee

The Rare Birds Mentoring platform is available to all entrepreneurs honestly seeking to advance their personal and business development by way of one-on-one mentoring.
PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for the program you must have launched your business – it cannot be in ideation stage.

The 12 month program provides you with 4 hours per month with your mentor. You also have access to the online platform where you can set goals, track your progress and milestones, and get access to content and missions from the exclusive mentoring platform library.

Cost of the program (one-off fee for 12 months):

Emerging Entrepreneurs (business is less than 3 years old): $699 
Established Entrepreneurs (business is older than 3 years): $899

The process:

To apply for the program first pay the registration fee for an emerging or established entrepreneur.

Once this payment has been processed you will receive a receipt with links to complete your mentee profile, book your interview with a member of the Rare Birds team, and receive your mentee guidebook. Following your mentee interview, your profile will be set live and ready to be matched with a mentor. It generally takes 1-2 months to find a match.

The benefits of having a mentor:

Engaging in mentorship with an experienced, high calibre mentor is an invaluable experience where you will:

  • Gain qualitative and subjective counselling
  • Learn through experience and observation, often side stepping obstacles and hurdles due to your mentor’s willingness to gift experience and tangible, transferrable advice
  • Define and set long-term goals with appropriate steps to realise those goals
  • Have the opportunity to be introduced to new networks
  • Gain the benefit of perspective
  • Feel energised thanks to your mentor’s encouragement
  • Be inspired by your mentor to believe you are capable of producing, executing and achieving.

It is important that mentorees uphold, respect and show commitment to their scheduled time with their mentor; these are important relationships that can positively affect your growth as an entrepreneur and so we require you to honour your commitments to timings and interactions.


Become a Mentor

We are looking for men and women who have strong experience in business, either working for companies in middle to senior manager roles, or people with entrepreneurial experience who have a desire to make a difference and work with young people.

How to become a Rare Birds mentor:

We appreciate that your time is limited therefore all we ask is that you commit a minimum of four hours each month with your mentee, for twelve months.  This can be meeting in person, on the phone, Skype, or other mediums – it is up to you and your mentee as to how you get together.

To become a mentor for Rare Birds, register here and complete your mentor profile. A member of the Rare Birds team will then be in touch to set up your mentor interview. Following your mentor interview, your profile will be set live and ready to be matched with a mentee.

The benefits of mentoring:

Becoming a mentor can be a great way of sharing your knowledge and experience as well as perfecting your skills at developing others.  Your role is all about guidance and helping your entrepreneur to achieve their goals and realise their potential. You’ll help them understand problems, identify solutions and implement their plans.  While you won’t get paid for being a mentor, there are lots of other benefits that come with the role – such as:

  • The chance to pass on all you have learned about good business to someone who will benefit from your experience
  • The chance to watch a young businessperson grow and develop with your help and support
  • You’ll learn as much from your mentee as they do from you
  • To practice your managerial skills and guide your entrepreneur through a key stage in their career
  • A boost to your own career by adding mentorship to your skillset
  • You’ll feel energised thanks to your entrepreneur’s fresh enthusiasm
  • The personal satisfaction of being able to give something back
Have questions?

Contact our Mentoring Lead, Kiah Hickson: kiah@inspiringrarebirds.com


‘I was lucky enough to win a Rare Birds mentorship through the pitching competition at Rare Birds Con this year and I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve had just a couple of sessions so far but the direct outcomes have been amazing (I have made some incredible new connections and am deep diving into areas I was really struggling with). It’ll be what you make of it, but holy guacamole… I would certainly outlay the money for it (and I’ve spent a LOT of money on some pretty questionable coaching things).’
- Rare Birds Mentee: Philomena Kwok, Co-Founder – Bloombox Co.

‘It is a real pleasure working with [my mentee] and to be able to provide a safe space in business but also see how the mentoring and guidance assist her in the direction of the business. Great opportunity to do self-reflection upon my own business and what I do too. It is a mutually beneficial journey.’
- Rare Birds Mentor: Celia Jordaan, Principal Procurement Advisor at Ichiban Commercial Solutions

‘I’m thriving on the new and exciting business journey with [my mentee]. She is a delight to work with and I love her focus and commitment. Looking forward to her growth, both personal and professional, over the coming months. Thank you Rare Birds!’
- Rare Birds Mentor: Gail Gibson, CEO and Founder – Gail M Gibson



Unfortunately we can only offer the mentoring session to individuals, as a one-on-one process. The reason for this is that mentoring is not a team pursuit, it’s an individual and highly personal one. To make the most of the opportunity you need to do it solo!


Our mentors are high calibre entrepreneurs and business people who are placed throughout Australia (and globally) – and we select them very carefully. We recruit and interview all our mentors personally so we can truly vouch for their credentials and experience. They are men and women of all diversities who come from a wide array of industries and backgrounds.

We invest a lot of time and resources in making sure that the mentor/mentee matches are going to be successful – considering industry and business needs as much as matching the mentee/mentor on their skill sets and personality. We conduct an interview with all of our mentees as well and get a strong sense of what kind of mentor you need so we have all confidence that we can find you a suitable mentor. As such, we don’t offer a ‘re-match’ after confirming the partnership (extreme circumstances excluded) – but we offer you a number of resources and tools to get the most out of the mentorship.


Our mentors are high calibre entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders and industry experts. Our program is global so we have mentees and mentors based all around the world! Examples of some of our incredible mentors include:

- CEO and advisor of multiple tech companies
– Head of department for global bookkeeping company
– Serial 4-time entrepreneur with military background
– Chef and Restauranteur who has built global company
– Director and Founder of marketing and communications agency
– Consultant who built multi-million dollar recruitment businesses
– COO to a national AgTech company
– Founder of highly successful online media websites
– Adviser and wealth manager at global investment banking firm
– Founder and CEO of global retail goods company


We are often asked for specific industry matching, but find that non-industry matches are incredibly successful – industry doesn’t necessarily need to be the common thread, as mentoring is so often about the experience and what stage of growth you and your business are at.  We match mentees with mentors based on their skill sets, business challenges and needs at the time (and what mentor can best add value and assistance to those areas), as well as personality traits and operating style.

Mentees are matched with a mentor using our sophisticated online matching software. This software uses an algorithm (not uncommon to an online dating system!) to find the best possible matches between mentors and mentees by looking at the mentor’s skills and experience and how that matches up to the mentee’s needs and objectives. It also uses personality testing and an ‘operating style’ test. All this information goes into our platform and is used to find you the best possible match. The Rare Birds team then assess the match personally to assure they are a good fit personality-wise as well as business-wise.


You spend 4 hours per month with your mentor, for a 12 month term. How and when you meet with your mentor is up to the two of you – it may be in person, over the phone, Skype etc.  – whatever works for you both, and however frequently!


After paying the program fee, you are then provided with a link to complete your mentee profile on our Rare Birds Mentoring Platform (providing information on yourself, your business, and your needs at this point in time). Once you have completed your profile, you will then have a 30 minute mentee interview with a member of the Rare Birds team, so that we can find out more about your business challenges, what areas of the business you need help in, and what kind of mentor you need. Once the interview is complete, your profile is set live and you are ready to be matched with a mentor. It usually takes 1-2 months to find a match – when this happens, you will receive a notification and you will be prompted to book in your first meeting with your mentor.


'Mentoring is a vital training tool for entrepreneurs. It allows those that have walked the pathway to allow a tacit knowledge transfer of experience with one goal in mind; the success of the mentoree. Rare Birds mentor program allows entrepreneurs and champions of industry to intimately and confidentially share real-world experience that simply cannot be taught in the classroom or a textbook.' - Jo Burston Founder and CEO Rare Birds