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Demand for support grows increasingly, both in business and for entrepreneurs individually. The search for experience, transferable knowledge and tapping into networks which often remain unaccessible, are key attractions for those pursuing a mentor relationship. As we ready to launch our mentor program, we speak to some of our 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs about their personal mentor experiences.

Janet Hamilton shares a little bit about her first mentor and the importance of having that figure on her journey whilst growing her business.

Tell us how you found your mentor?

Actually I met him when we were looking for a business and he recruited us for that business. We went on to have many years of friendship, mentoring and business association.

What have you learnt from your mentor?

I have learnt many things! Particularly, I’ve learnt to be fair, firm and stick to the facts. I’ve learnt to not get caught in the emotion of a problem but to analyse calmly, there is always a solution.

What is your advice for others looking for a mentor?

Find someone that will challenge you and not tell you what you may want to hear!

What are some benefits of mentorship?

Having someone as a sounding block for the good and bad times, sometimes you just need someone to talk to that isn’t in your inner circle. The experience that the person brings to the table is invaluable.

Where would you be without your mentor?

I would have battled through the journey and it would have been far more difficult. The experience he brought to the table in the early days was incredible.

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