Business Insider asks 9 Successful Executives To Share How Business Processes Have Changed In Their Career








Today Business Insider asked 9 executives to share how business processes have changed in their careers and Jo Burston CEO of Rare Birds was featured as one of four women whom provided opinion.

Clear, well-thought-out business processes can be the difference between the success or failure of a company.

The executives behind this plan then must ensure that their decisions are targeted, direct and well-instructed.

But above all they must ensure the processes remain relevant and are a help rather than a hindrance to productivity and creativity.

New goals, technologies and thinking, all impact business process within a company, and so leaders must be vigilant to ensure their plan is up-to-date in order to be successful.

As a company matures, too, its business processes need to evolve. To get some insights into the field, Business Insider spoke to some successful Australian executives about the evolution of their own processes.

“Over the past 15 years, the whole process of communication in business has leap frogged in light years. Then, nobody had a mobile phone, Google, or Instagram. Everyone worked off a PC, and Internet Explorer was the only search engine. Majority of communication with both internal or external stakeholders was face to face, otherwise you picked up the telephone or wrote an email.

Relationships were personal, as they weren’t built via email or social media. One of the fundamentals of success in business is communication and that’s one of the processes that has changed the most.Even after all the tech advancements that make everything more efficient, effective and cheaper, I still think that the greatest form of content marketing is face to face storytelling.” ,  Jo comments.

What do you see as one of the biggest process changes in your career as an entrepreneur?


Jo Burston
Jo Burston
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