Hitting Gender Equality Where It Hurts

Rare Birds + CAMP partner to destroy gender bias towards female entrepreneurs
Startup with a 'smart heart'.

Inspiring Rare Birds has made history today with the launch of the world’s first, full-service, women’s only talent agency, Rare Birds Speak. You can’t be what you can’t see so we’re giving these incredibly talented women a way to be more visible and industry a way to access the best female talent.

Inspired by the Panel Pledge which highlighted a serious problem and brought some major corporates to the 50/50 table,  Rare Birds Speak is now delivering the solution.

We plan to disrupt the industry and represent Australia’s most remarkable, accomplished and inspiring female speakers, game changers, media commentators, story-tellers and subject matter experts.

Appetite from industry and enthusiasm from talent has been overwhelming and we can’t move fast enough to sign talent and book speakers. That’s how much demand there is specifically for women at the top of their game. Excuses like ‘there weren’t any women in this field’ just don’t cut it anymore.

We’re unearthing emerging talent from sport, scientific, business and the startup scene as well as signing up award-winning international speakers. Their stories are gobsmacking, fascinating, steeped with wisdom and hidden within women who aren’t being placed centre stage.

Some of the high calibre speakers will be joining the agency include:

  • Media rockstar Sandra Sully
  • Confidence expert Kemi Nekvapil
  • Muslim ex-soldier and hostage survivor Rabia Siddique
  • Disability champion Carly Findlay
  • Climate change pioneer Parrys Raine
  • Inspiring Rare Birds Executive Director Lucy Perry


There three things that you can do to change gender disparity on stages and pages in Australia.

  • Call out male-dominated events using #speakequal
  • Book and suggest female talent for events at rarebirdsspeak.com
  • Use your voices to amplify remarkable women

I hope you’ll help us spread this exciting news far and wide so we can create impact across Australia and around the world.

Jo Burston

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Rare Birds + CAMP partner to destroy gender bias towards female entrepreneurs
Startup with a 'smart heart'.

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