How to get ready for investment

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Why use Rare Birds?

Rare Birds supports the investment into women entrepreneurs and we know the appropriate funding will allow you to grow and scale your venture.

Why seek investment?

Investment into your venture creates a pathway to growth, learning, scalability, globalization and exit. With the right money, at the right time, women entrepreneurs are able to grow companies. We know there is plenty of money available in Australia. Our role is to introduce you to the right money at the right time and help you be prepared and be “seen” as a great investment. What we call an “investable entrepreneur”

The Rare Birds Deal Room

Rare Birds has designed a matrix to help you understand what is important about seeking investment; covering 8 steps to understanding who you are as an entrepreneur as well as the viability of your venture as an attractive investment proposition.Women are underrepresented as both investors and recipients of capital. We are working with a number of partners who we believe share values, are focused on the entrepreneur as much as the venture and see the importance of being investment ready. They include seed, angel, venture capitalists, private equity investors as well as simple bank products to get you started.

Expectations of the process

1. Start with our simple form to help us get to know you

2. We will link you to the deal matrix. You are able to save your work as you go and come back to it. Once completed you will receive contact from Rare Birds and we will talk you through the next stages of being introduced to our deal room, where you will be exposed to potential investors.

The eight steps will include detailed questions about your company, criteria for funding, proof of concept, financial data and markets and projections for growth.

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