From one Australian entrepreneur, to another – Dear James Packer

James Packer

Today whilst in a deep strategic thinking mode, I wanted to really think about the entrepreneurs of Australia I want to meet, be connected with. The ones that seem to have incredible influence. Like Carol Schwartz, Dick Smith, Jamie Packer, Mark Bouris, Scott Farquhar, Janine Allis, Topaz Conway (current Rare Birds advisory), Jan Owen. The ones that have carved huge careers from the world of entrepreneurship. That create economic, community and global impact. So many remarkable and inspiring people in their own right. All of them fantastic Ambassadors.

Rare Birds has a stellar advisory board, made up of both proven serial entrepreneurs and those that bring some very specialized skills to the table. From Google, Xero, & Virgin Unite, Avaya and those that have their own sustainable and successful businesses.

So I am really thinking about a figure head for Rare Birds – an ambassador, someone beside myself that speaks to Australians and entrepreneurs. That knows the roller coaster ride, the highs and the lows of entrepreneurship. Someone with global reach and influence. And particularly someone that inspires me to think bigger.

Last night I watched the launch marketing for James Packer’s new casino in Manila (Philippines). Casinos are not everyone’s thing, that not the point here. It is serious marketing genius. Big names, big impact, big reach, bigger outcome. Everyone knows about it.

So I wrote a note to James today, via his Facebook page and invited him to be an Ambassador for Rare Birds. Here is the note;

I loved the quote you posted and it has compelled me to respond.

As an entrepreneur with highly commercial mind to make money and a smart heart, I’d like to invite you to become our global Ambassador and assist an amazing group of 50 women Entrepreneurs in Australia to launch globally and reach every corner of this incredible country.

I have a stellar advisory board and you would be a superb addition . Rare Birds provide tools, access to investors, mentors, learning (all developed with a global vision, online – scalable, robust and highly content and socially driven tech platform).

You are the ideal iconic Australian figurehead to drive Australia to fulfill our mission to “give every woman globally the opportunity to become an entrepreneur by choice”. #ifshecanican We started a crowd-funding campaign to run faster!

I founded this company and movement because in 2013, after taking a film crew to some schools across Sydney and asking girls from Primary to High school age “What is an entrepreneur?”, most could not answer. The ones that did either told me it was a man, however no one could name an Australian Entrepreneur, man or woman.

I celebrate all entrepreneurs. We are the job makers, inventors, innovators and create economic and social impact in our country.

My first book “Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs” is launching on 26th Feb at the in Sydney. Our follow-up book will launch in May 2015 showcasing 30 emerging women entrepreneurs under 30.

We want to share our stories and tell the stories of the future women entrepreneurs of the world and especially Australia. A celebration. To help alleviate our tall poppy syndrome and give young girls and women the confidence to think big and be bold.

This narrative has never before been published and celebrated in Australia.

I am a proud Australian. I have no sense of entitlement. I am an entrepreneur. I am a woman. (snapshot).

I have a full Rare Birds brand book available to send.I’d like to meet face to face and happy to travel to do so. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks James,

Jo Burston
Founder and CEO
Rare Birds
“Fly high and fly fast”

What I know as an entrepreneur is this; asking isn’t brave, it is part of the DNA of an entrepreneur. Its how I get things done and how I execute vision. A fear of asking results in absolutely no outcome. A confidence in asking will result in door after door opening, opportunity after opportunity presenting itself.

So what is my ask of you?

Will you kindly like my note on his Facebook page [ ] , connect me to James Packer if you know him personally, and let him know why Rare Birds is worth his time.

Receiving is never without giving, and that is why Rare Birds has “We give to receive” as one of our values. My give is this – Should you like to be connected to someone I know, or via Rare Birds, add a comment to this article and I shall help you out.

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs = Abundance

Fly high and fly fast,



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