VIP Roundtable Series – Sydney

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Inspiring Rare Birds is launching its roundtable series in Sydney and Melbourne where we will be focusing on specific “expert” topics.

These two-hour-long roundtable events will be for a maximum of 15 attendees during which you can workshop your own challenge or business problem related to the specific topic, and brainstorm solutions with the expert and group in a confidential environment.

Topic 1: Social Commerce – selling in social

In Sydney industry expert Therese Tarlinton, will share her own experiences with her company BuddyBid and how it creates a commerce channel in your social presence that allows you to sell, auction and transact inside of Facebook.  She will show you how you can grow your revenue from new and existing customers by reducing frictions with conversion, enabling peer-to-peer purchase endorsements and use granular insights to maximise your social media investment.