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1.0 I need to subscribe to what do I do now?

If you would like to subscribe, do so here. Please access the form above to express your interest in becoming a contributor. Once you have been approved you will be able to upload approved content into your own Rare Birds site dashboard directly.

2.0 How do I propose an idea to write about?

It is not necessary to submit a pitch to our editorial team, but if you would like to avoid time spent on an article that may or may not be approved, please briefly pitch your idea and the nature of the article via this link.

3.0 Are there any topics I should write about?

As a burgeoning voice of entrepreneurship globally, Rare Birds content comprises a wide variety of topics that run the gamut of our content verticals (being the Rare Birds four pillars: storytelling, funding, mentorship, entrepreneurs education, tools & resources).

Content submissions can range from celebrations of one of the Rare Birds (that may be yourself) to updates on your business, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, an upcoming event you’d like to share, reports and statistics, among others.

Above all, we encourage original content, analytics, personal insights and reporting of news relevant to our community. Some examples:

3.1 Storytelling

  • How I discovered my ‘Why”
  • Entrepreneurs I aspire to
  • How I learnt to scale globally
  • When learning from experience trumps institutional study
  • Today I/we celebrate ………….
  • Why I decided to exit and how I did it

3.2 Funding

  • How to fund a social enterprise
  • What form of funding should I aim for and when?
  • Difference between the raising rounds

3.3 Mentoring

  • Meet my mentor: An interview/profile with your mentor (or you as a mentor) and the positive outcomes derived from that
  • Meet my mentoree: same as above
  • The importance of mentorship
  • How does reverse mentorship work?
  • Informal vs formal
  • Is a business coach the same as a mentor

3.4 Education, Resources & Tools

  • Best tools and apps I use and why
  • How I learn best as an entrepreneur? Chalk and talk vs Ask, Try Do?
  • Sharing information, knowledge and expertise, where I go and how I do this
  • How did I learn financials/ marketing/ strategy etc
  • Who built my first website and what did I learn?
  • What do I outsource and why?
  • My networking skills – what’s important
  • Best deals – my list of free and cheap that helped me grow
  • Where do Ii go to find the how?

4.0 Are there any topics I shouldn’t write about?

While we encourage you to share your opinion, we please request you do not report or submit articles containing information that may be deemed offensive to our community:

  • racism, homophobia, gender discrimination and the like
  • criticism of outside publications or figures
  • response pieces to other publications

We please also advise that yo do not replicate any information from external sources outside of

5.0 Can I cover events for Rare Birds?

If you have attended an event which you believe to be of interest to the Rare Birds community – please report on it with the following: event details/ coverage/key figures and take aways/ supplemented imagery

6.0 Can I promote my own event via Rare birds?

If you would like future access to an event in order to cover it for or you would like to have your own event covered, please send your pitch to

7.0 My idea has been approved, what now?

If you have chosen to have your idea approved, you can now draft your piece. Please refer to contributor guidelines for this.

7.1 How do I format my final draft?

  • As your pieces will be moderated, the Rare Birds content team will handle all formatting and photo additions to contributing writer submissions.
  • We encourage long (1000wds+) to short form (200wds) content as well as multi-media posts: video, podcasts, soundbyte, image galleries.
  • If you choose to include any photos, quotes or external information within your article, you must properly cite your references. (eg. Wikipedia is not a credible source)

8.0 How do I include pictures

As photographs are protected by copyright in many cases, Rare Birds must ensure that we have obtained appropriate clearance before publishing any photography to the website that is not in-house.If you would like to utilise your personally owned imagery, then please cite this by emailing the link to your draft and notice of imagery to

9.0 Submitting a final draft

Before submitting your article refer to the following checklist to ensure you have submitted correctly:

  • Included a brief introduction to your article even if it is a list format
  • When necessary include a proper conclusion
  • Proofread your work
  • Cited any quotes or information outside of your original writing

Once you have submitted your draft, it will sit in our ‘pending post’ section. Please email brittany@inspiringrarebirds to notify our editorial team of your submitted piece. You will be notified of that status of your submission shortly after.

10.0 Do I have to set a featured image?

You are not required to set a featured image

11.0 How can I make an article Time Sensitive?

If you believe your article to be time sensitive and wish for it to be published immediately, please indicate this in the subject field when emailing your final draft notification. eg “Time sensitive submission”

Please note this does not guarantee that your article will be published.

12.0 How extensively will my article be edited?

When submitting an article to it will be edited to maintain the voice of the writer and resonate with our community. The editorial team will alter the content to ensure consistency of style with the publication, including edits to spelling and grammar, and to ensure factual accuracy.

Above all, Rare Birds strives to honor the authenticity of all contributors.

13.0 Is it guaranteed that my contributions will be published?

While we appreciate every submission, we do not guarantee that every article will be published. Time for reworking, feedback and amendments will be allocated to luminaries.

14.0 My article was published, what next?

Once your article has been published, you will be notified via email from a member of our editorial team. Please visit your profile to check the update. If you have queries about edits, please contact or

We encourage you to share your content across social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Reddit,

15.0 I submitted my article and haven’t heard anything.

If it has been at least 2 weeks since you submitted your article without response, please contact requesting the status of your submission. If your article has been passed or our Editorial Team requests further edits, you will be notified via email.

16.0 What are the benefits of frequent contribution?

Rare Birds gives entrepreneurs and their supporters a voice. In saying that, the members of our community, including figureheads, sponsors, government affiliates look to our content for inspiration and a source of knowledge, guidance and networking.Contributing on a weekly basis or more allows you to build a respected and remembered name for yourself in the Rare Birds community.

As we grow, our most popular contributors will be attributed weekly columns as matters of expertise and their profiles will be awarded more ‘sight time’ on the sites hot spots.