the Rare Birds team is growing, not vertically, horizontally. Opportunity is right here, right now!

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Our vision is to see a global community of 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs by 2020.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give every woman globally the opportunity to become an entrepreneur by choice.


When one woman travelled around to schools in Australia in 2013 and asked young girls what they thought an entrepreneur was, the majority of them had no idea. The very few that did answered, “a man”. Walking away from that determined to create change and opportunity for women in entrepreneurship; Jo Burston was that one woman, and now the Founder of Rare Birds.“I want to see 1 million more women entrepreneurs within the next 10 years, globally.That is our mission at Rare Birds.

We want to inspire women. We want to give current entrepreneurs a voice. We want to allow them to tell their story and share it with our global community, so that a few years from now, when you ask a young girl what she wants to be when she grows up, it’s not so surprising when she says she wants to own her own company or maybe even change the world.”



We value leaders and are looking for entrepreneurial and energetic minds to join us in the journey of realising our vision.There’s a lot of freedom (with responsibility), lots of opportunities to be made and you’ll need to embrace the chaos.You’ll be working with the very best.If you think big, work hard and try new things, you might just be our next team member.

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We’re extremely passionate about hiring the right people at Rare Birds and will always try to ascertain that you want the job, you can do the job and you’ll be a great fit for the team. Our expectations are high so we take a robust approach with multiple phases before we make an offer. The phases include 360-degree interviews, practical assignment and showing us why you are the best in your class.

Digital sales and community team

We are currently building out this team and looking for two interns. Must be passionate about digital and offline marketing campaigns, social media and website content and PR.


Our headquarters is currently situated in Sydney, Australia.

OUR values

Our mission is to give every women globally the opportunity to become an entrepreneur by choice. Underpinning this journey is our values, which defines our core beliefs, traditions and values, including:

  • We have heart
  • We encourage abundance and connectedness
  • We are here to serve our tribe of women entrepreneurs
  • We create beautiful, intelligent and captivating things
  • We give to receive
  • We celebrate the entrepreneur’ journey
  • We are authentic and speak from experience
  • No one thing is bigger than our community
  • We dare to be uncomfortable, we grow in adversity
  • We don’t think outside the box, there is no box
  • We have the highest level of integrity
  • We are not afraid to fail, and fail fast
  • We celebrate every win
  • We believe in the foundation of education and choice
  • We operate with cold passion – heart and mind equally
  • We walk the talk
  • We have each others backs and set everyone up to succeed
  • We are courageous and have worth


  • Colleagues: We surround ourselves with people who inspire us every day. They innovate, they motivate and they are driven to create.
  • Growth: We’re at ground level of something big, and with that comes opportunities for the right people to rise with us.
  • Social: We celebrate the wins – even the little ones

Do you have any openings right now?
Current opportunities are shown at the bottom of this page.

Do you accept applications even when there are no openings?
Yes! Send your resume and cover letter to and we’ll keep it on file for six months. If anything opens up that we think you’ll be a good fit for, we’ll get in touch.

When will I hear back about my application?
Successful applicants of phase one will hear back shortly after the cut-off for applications. From there, we’ll keep you informed along the interview process as to when you will hear from us.

What are the working hours like?
We hire well and trust our team members to get the job done to a high standard. While hours are fairly standard, you may find a bit more is needed of you sometimes. In return, we offer freedom and flexibility, and we prefer to work smarter than to work longer.



Internships x 2

We have our new PA/EA sorted, now we have opportunities for anyone in the community to sidecar me and my EA/ PA as an intern.

Rare Birds is looking for an intern to sidecar me and my new EA whom is passionate about learning the really hard work and action required to support our fast growth entrepreneurial business and CEO. Job description as follows:


  • Comms / marketing/ Social media interests
  • 2-3 days a week. Any hours, minimum of 6 per day
  • Getting hands dirty with whatever needs to be done. Not negotiable
  •  Thinking on the run
  • Finish every single task to total completion
  • Crazy passionate about our vision and mission
  • Killer can do, will do focus and attitude
  • Be on time everytime, everywhere
  • Put your hand up to do things and get involved
  • Want a career working with an entrepreneur or has a dream of being an entrepreneur.
  • Be empowered to use your voice and listen first
  • Have great aptitude to technology and understand basics like Google Apps and general great tech comm tools. We use lots


  • Elevate your understanding of entrepreneurship
  • Connect you to our extensive global network
  • Give you the opportunity to succeed and shine
  • Treat you as part of the team so you really feel your hard work and tenacity is valued
  • Teach you skills that you will take everywhere in your career and future

Email why it’s you in 200 words and point out your current dreams of the future and what you are aiming for. What you are passionate about and your 3 strengths, plus 3 things you would love to learn. If you are a graduate, tell us your quals.
No CVs, any age, any gender can apply.


WriterS and Sub-Editors

Rare Birds is growing up and we are looking for talent beyond our own imaginations.

A great  friend and thought leader said to me, whom has lead some of the best business and sports teams on the planet – “Have people in your team that want to be the absolute best in the world at what they do. Even if its picking up garbage or selling your brand to the globe. Keep hiring complimentary team players that are in equal rank and stay absolutely single focused on revenue lines” So – fancy a culture like that? Our next ” best in world” person:

The exciting part:

  • Loves the (women’s) entrepreneurial space in Australia and globally
  • Writes in a voice/ tone that resonates beautifully with our community, partners, internal and external stakeholders
  • Has ability to write across all mediums on and offline
  • Has superior book editing/ interviewing skills and can project manage our future publications
  • Build and manage an army contributors and writers for Rare Birds to blog,  transcribe, write, edit and build out our content base.
  • Be skilled in journalism, great research and have immaculate time management and attention to detail
  • Has a clear understanding of commercial impact and goals of the business
  • Embraces the numbers as well as the words
  • Has exemplary communication ability with our community, stakeholders and corporate partners (C suite capability)
  • Loves the uncertainty and ambiguity of start-up, change and ability to not just be agile but thrive in it.
  • Knows the roles and businesses evolve, just like people and can embrace this

Gritty part:

  • can plan seasonal and trending content
  • oversees the layout, appearance and content of articles;
  • generating ideas for with writing staff;
  • managing writing staff and freelance/ community writers;
  • editing and re-writing articles
  • overseeing artwork, design and photography for the features section of the book and website;
  • attending and organising photo shoots;
  • organising meetings with writers and designers to discuss ideas for artwork, layout;
  • negotiating payments with writers;
  • understanding and complying with media law and industry ethical guidelines;
  • sending out briefs to writers, which can include word count, deadline, and writing style;
  • proofreading all pages before going to online/ print or publication;
  • raising the profile of the brand;
  • networking with others at industry events;
  • assisting other staff to meet their deadlines.

Our publications are rolling out each year both on and offline in Australia and our vision is absolutely global. The person who is incredible for this opportunity can lead and has clear commercial thinking and can project plan and execute whilst remaining flexible to simply do what has to be done.

If you are just seeking a job… this is not gonna be your things. We are looking for passion, purpose and a person that absolutely wants to create impact globally.

If you want empowerment and want a leader that lets you run your show (as well as be a part of our show) and a team that has your back…

Step 1 – Please email and we will send you a short form to complete. Don’t forget to tell me why you think Inspiring Rare Birds is going to be your new home.

Step 2 – Next step is a pre-conversation survey.

Step 3 – Conversation with Founder Jo Burston and skills test

Step 4  – Meet the team

Step 5 – Offer and start within 2 weeks

Just a note – If you just want a job… we ain’t gonna be great for you.




We’re expanding, and with growth comes opportunity. We’d be happy to keep your application on file for up to six months, and will be in touch if any suitable openings crop up.

Send your resume and cover letter to and we’ll keep it on file for six months. If anything opens up that we think you’ll be a good fit for, we’ll get in touch.