An expert in HR joins the Rare Birds Global Ambassadors

Rare Birds Global Ambassador Rhonda Brighton-Hall has a passion for HR that has spanned twenty five years, four industries and three continents.


Rhonda Brighton - Head Shot (1) (1)Recognised as one of Australia’s foremost experts in human resources, Rhonda Brighton-Hall is known for her ability to concentrate on the human side of human resources.

Rhonda’s fundamental belief is that inclusion and good leadership are the foundations for good ‘people practices’ in organisations, and for more equitable and prosperous economies and communities.

Her career has spanned four large multi-nationals, starting with BHP, moving to Sara Lee, Luxottica and, most recently, CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia). As well as Australia, Rhonda has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

We want to support women and girls to choose their own path to success. – Rhonda Brighton-Hall


She now works exclusively with entrepreneurs, firmly believing these businesses give us the brightest possible future. She Chairs FlexCareers –  a business built to support flexible work and workplaces that especially focuses on women – and will launch another exciting new business in September.

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As a Global Ambassador for Rare Birds (based in Sydney), Rhonda is also a strong advocate for women entrepreneurs, and believes, “Rare Birds is a valuable addition to our thriving entrepreneurial community – a living, breathing network for mentors, advisors and peers – backed by an amazingly well designed education program, built around real life experience”.

Rhonda has an undergraduate degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and post-graduate degree from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and London Business School. She lectures in HR, leadership and the future of work at UNSW and the University of Sydney.

A former Telstra Business Woman of the Year and HR Leader of the Year, Rhonda was the 2013 Inductee into the Human Capital Hall of Fame. She is a current Director of AHRI (Australian Human Resource Institute) and Chair of FlexCareers. She is a past Patron for ASPECT (Autism), and remains involved in ASPECT and other organisations that work closely with disability, the indigenous community and other structurally excluded people or groups.

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An advocate for diversity and inclusivity, Rhonda says, “We know from history that if you want to have diversity you have to challenge all the old rules. As we build new businesses we want to support women and girls to choose their own path to success, and that’s what Rare Birds is all about”.

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